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Name: Emiri
Email: athousandsmiles at gmail dot com
Plurk: exclamationmarks
IM Service(s): google talk/hangouts
Elsewhere?: Current & previously played characters here.
Timezone: GMT+10 (Australia fuck yeah!)
Preferred Contact Method?: Plurk, but anything is fine really.
Concrit? My catch-all HMD is over here.

Name: Cassandra "Cassie" Blake
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Eye & Hair Colour: Blonde hair, blue eyes
Height/Weight: 5'3" (159cm) / 108lbs (49kg) aka pretty damn tiny
Other: For those who can sense magical power and/or "darkness", she will definitely ping as having both those things in abundance.

Touching: Sure!
Fighting: Sure, but probably drop me a line somewhere so we can work things out.
Torture: Ask first, maybe yes maybe no.
Death: Prrrobably not.
Squicks: n/a
Fourth-walling: I can roll with it!
in_the_blood: eyebrows raised, fond but disbelieving (only half past the point of no return)

"Hi, this is Cassie. Leave a message and I'll get back to you."